Kings Park Arena Upgrade

Due to 6 months of unusually high rainfall (and flooding) our sand arena has needed some repair and restoration which included adding a rubber mulch to the existing sand base.

This upgrade should allow the arena to be used in wet weather giving us more riding time and less need to cancel events due to rain.

When rubber mulch is mixed with sand the rubber pieces create voids in the surface for reduced compaction and added cushion.  This creates an excellent cushion for shock absorption and energy rebound, minimising joint concussion and tendon strain.

When it comes to horse arena construction, the right flooring is a key consideration. All riders will agree that good footing is essential for maximising performance. Rubber dressage arena surfacing gives you a firm, level, anti-slip surface with a light cushioning effect, perfect for all levels of training and competition.


Here are some of the many benefits of using  rubber mulch:

  • Excellent shock absorbance: reduced risk for both horse and rider.
  • Animal friendly: dust free, non-toxic and highly stable.
  • Superb elasticity: is kind to horses’ legs.
  • Ideal surface: excellent support, enhanced grip and great drainage.
  • Flat surface: reduced tendency to form ruts and tracking.
  • Easy maintenance: only minimal raking and re-levelling is required.
  • Versatile: ideal for both indoor and outdoor arenas.
  • Long lasting: will not erode, decompose or compress even under high usage.
  • Virtually weatherproof: withstands extreme weather including strong wind, storms and frost.