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Is your senior horse ready for Winter?

How to Get Your Senior Horse Ready for Winter As the temperature drops, the demands on your senior horse increase. Cold temperatures, rainy and windy conditions, and hard ground take a toll during Winter. The key to senior horse care is getting prepared early.    With sensible management, sound nutrition, and the support of your veterinarian, you can help your senior horse weather the Winter months ahead.   In this article, we discuss the steps you should take during Autumn and Winter to support your senior horse’s health and wellbeing.    Preparing a Senior Horse for Winter  The burden of stiff and aching joints is often exacerbated in Winter. If your senior horse has equine arthritis, joint problems, or is predisposed to chronic...

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Kings Park Arena Upgrade

Due to 6 months of unusually high rainfall (and flooding) our sand arena has needed some repair and restoration which included adding a rubber mulch to the existing sand base. This upgrade should allow the arena to be used in wet weather giving us more riding time and less need to cancel events due to rain. When rubber mulch is mixed with sand the rubber pieces create voids in the surface for reduced compaction and added cushion.  This creates an excellent cushion for shock absorption and energy rebound, minimising joint concussion and tendon strain. When it comes to horse arena construction, the right flooring is a key consideration. All riders will agree that good footing is essential for maximising performance....

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