Rewards Program

How do I earn points?

 Create a store account 200 points
Shopping with Equestrian Style 1 point for each $ spent
Sharing on Facebook (one share per customer) 50 points
Like Equestrian Style page on Facebook 50 points
Follow equestrianstylist on Instagram 50 points
Refering a friend who makes a purchase 100 points


What can I spend with my points?

  • All products on the Equestrian Style website can be purchased with Rewards Points!
  • Points are redeemed at the checkout of Equestrian Styles shopping cart.
  • Your points are shown as a discount off your purchase.
Points Earned
Discount at shopping cart
 200 points
300 points
600 points
1000 points
1500 points
2000 points


Can my Club benefit from this program?

Our rewards program is a fantastic way for Clubs to receive benefits for both the Club and it's members

Members can nominate which club they would like to support as well as accumulating points for themselves

Club points can be used as an easy way of generating sponsorship prizes for competitions!

Please contact me if you would like to receive information on behalf of your club:

Melinda Waterhouse or phone 02 6649 2130

Can Equestrian Businesses join?

Do you or your clients use Equestrian products?

As a member of the Equestrian business community I am always seeking likeminded people who are interested in forging mutually beneficial relationships whilst providing a high level of professionalism and service to our clients

You could be:

  • Retailer
  • Breeder
  • Agistment and Training Centre
  • Profesional Rider

Rewards are for both you and your clients and benefits are increased based on sales, the more you put into the program the more you will benefit.



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