Features of Equestrian Style Products

Equestrian Style is a boutique manufacturing business based on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Many customers are attracted to our products as they are made with beautiful colour combinations and look incredibly pretty.  While this is indeed true functionality is a key ingredient in the manufacturing process.

Our products are a collective result of our own ideas and feedback from customers, sales representatives and sponsored riders. All products are tested under Australian conditions.

Research and development is ongoing and as a result our products are always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and their horses.

Features of Equestrian Style products include:

Rug patterns on hand from 3'9 to 7'0

Hood patterns cut for each rug size from 3'9 to 7'0

5 different tail bag sizes

Equestrian Style rugs are designed to Mix'n'Match, maximising your horses wardrobe (and saving you money!).  Hoods and Rugs are designed to be layered allowing you to tailor your horses wardrobe to the constantly changing weather conditions.

 Hoods are designed for comfort and safety. Many customers have asked for eye holes to be cut larger than "normal hoods" so to meed the needs of our customers we have adjusted our patterns and all of the eye and ear holes are now larger as standard.

When layering hoods bear in mind that not all layers require a satin mane lining, only the bottom layer.  As satin does not breath too many layers can cause your horses mane to overheat and at worst case, fall out!  The same applies to satin lined shoulders in rugs,  only the bottom layer needs satin, top layer rugs will be more comfortable without non-breathable satin and can also save you some money! 

Most hoods are fastened under the neck and jaw with Velcro as it is easy to use and will release in an emergency situation.  Our Velcro tabs are covered to make them more durable and easier on your hands.

"Pull On" hoods are sewn under the neck line and are designed to increase the level of warmth and comfort, they are secured under the jaw with an adjustable Velcro tab.  Pull on hoods are more fitted around the face and at the back as they are designed to be worn close to the skin.

Please note pull on hoods are not for everyone as they need to be pulled over you horses head, covering their eyes until it is in place.  As pull on hoods can't come off we do not suggest they be worn for any length of time unsupervised and be removed regularly for washing.  If you require a fitted hood but don't like to use a Pull On we offer a zip or Velcro closure for your horses comfort.

Mix'n'Match attachments for Rugs and Hoods:

Removable: Equestrian Style Hood Connection straps and Leg straps can be removed.  When using the layering method you often find that you have far more straps than you need.  Two and even Three layers can be secured with only one set of straps.  For Example: Our Polar Fleece pull on rug does not come with leg straps, it has an Inglefield (sister) clip at the back of each side and is designed to be secured from the leg straps of the layer either above or below.

Adjustable: Both Hood and Leg connection straps have adjustment slides at both ends to allow a better and more tailored fit for your horse.

Inglefield (sister) Clip: Used on both Hood and Leg connection straps these clips are the strongest, easiest and safest option for your horse.

Each clip resembles a link of chain, with a split through one side. The edges of this split are chamfered, so that the clips can be engaged or disengaged, but only if they are carefully aligned by hand. When pulled tight, the links are securely fastened. There are no moving parts to the link making them less likely to break.

Standard dog clips can be easily attached to the Inglefield clip allowing you to integrate them into your horses existing wardrobe.

Hood and Leg connection straps can be purchased separately if required.

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