Time to get organised!

Time to get organised!

It's that time of year already!
This weekend puts us half way through January and with the Christmas/New Year festivities over now is the time to pull out all of your cotton rugs and get organised...

Here are some tips from the Equestrian Style tack room and some dreamy pictures to help inspire you with your own space.

Step 1

Wash your rugs and put sets together (you may be surprised at how many you have)  Clean sets in good repair can be grouped together by size or horse.

Well done!  Now that you have come this far it's time to take the next step to organisational bliss...

Step 2

Take any rugs in need of mending to your local rug repair shop  (Quality rugs properly maintained will provide years of service and save you money long term)

Step 3

Take pictures of any rugs you no longer need, freshly washed and repaired, and sell to raise some always needed handy cash

Step 4

It is a good idea to have a container for each horse with your competition rugs, boots etc ready to use (No more scratching around for a show set the night before a competition)

With everything organised you can easily see what needs to be purchased for the coming season whilst making full use of the rugs you already have!

Wishing you a successful, fun and organised 2016 from the Equestrian Style team

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Melinda Waterhouse
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