Bathurst Royal has Equestrian Style!

The girls from KN Stables, (Krystle and Nicole) have left no stone unturned this year to make their stables look "best in show" at the Bathurst Royal being held 17th, 18th and 19th April 2015.

The girls believe that showing your ponies should be fun and that your stables should reflect the quality of the perfectly polished ponies inside!  Choosing their theme colour or Navy Blue and Purple the stable doors are adorned with Equestrian Style Stable Door Organisers which include 2 rows of handy storage pockets, these colours are also carried through to their Equestrian Style rugs, groom aprons, lunge pads, boots and even browband holders!

The top of the stables are adorned with matching garlands provided by Emmas Garlands available on Emmas Website.  The ponies enjoy eating from matching feedbins also made by Emma :)

Both Krystle and Nicole can be found in K Block stables 7 to 11 and would be more than happy to discuss the products they use and assisting you with developing your own Equestrian Style.

Melinda Waterhouse
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